Products - EcoWatt Energy Saving Device


  • Reduces electricity consumption
  • Energy efficient
  • Savings on electricity bills
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions
  • Increases lifespan of electric motors
  • Helps solve the world’s energy crisis

EcoWatt Energy Saving Device

In today’s unstable economy, it’s becoming more important for businesses to take a look at their bottom line and make cost-saving decisions. Companies are under increasing pressure to 'Go Green’ and reduce their carbon footprint. As energy prices skyrocket so do operating costs.

Nexus Access Systems has the solution for you, the EcoWatt Energy Saving Device. It’s easy to install and manage. Once installed it instantly reduces energy consumption by simply slotting in the key card which activates the EcoWatt Device which turns on the electricity, remove the card and the unit turns off the electricity. It’s a simple, smart solution for your business.